19 January 2007

Windy Night!

This morning I had e-mails from family and friends in the United States worried about our safety. The worst of the winds and rain is to the north of us. We are getting high winds here that rattle the windows and howl as they race around the house. But we are fine.

At least GLH and I are.

The cats are seriously freaked out. They are running from window to window with their hair on end, their tails puffed out and their ears flat against their heads. Max even banged his head when he tried to catch a leaf that was blowing around and forgot that the window was in the way.

Am I wrong for laughing at them?

1 comment:

Expat Traveler said...

ouch, sounds like the west coast winds finally caught up to europe...

I'd be laughing for just a minute too!