31 January 2007

Ill-Behaved Cat

GLH started making frequent business trips to Zürich last February. On that first trip he was in the city center and happened to notice a tram drive by that said "Fondue Tram." Inside the tram, diners sat at tables eating fondue and looking at the sights out of the window.

He returned from Zürich and said "I'd enjoy doing that some day."

We've seen it a few times since then and I knew that GLH was just itching to ride around in a tram eating some fondue.

So I put my librarian skills to good use and found out how you get yourself on the tram. Then I called for reservations. And got booked for the only time they still had availability this Fondue season: Wednesday, 28 February at 5:30 pm.

But I wanted this to be a fun surprise for GLH and decided I wouldn't tell him what it was until the Fondue Tram arrived at the Bellevue Tram stop on the evening of the dinner. So I made arrangements for him to leave work a bit early that day and told him there would be a surprise and he had to get home quickly so he could change and we could catch a train into the city. But that was all the information I would give him, even though he was going nuts trying to figure it out.

And here's where we get to the Ill Behaved Cat part of the story.

I had buried the information about the Fondue Tram in a stack of papers on my desk.

Max the Cat jumped on top of the stack of papers, lost his balance and scrambled to find it again. As a result, the entire stack of papers went flying.

I was trying to gather them up as quickly as I could when I heard GLH's voice ask, "What's this? Hey, it's the Fondue Tram!" Out of all the papers in that stack, it had to be that one that landed at his feet.

The jig is up...

But I am SO going to blog about Fondue Tram Night!


Anonymous said...

LOL! Can't wait to hear about it!

The Big Finn said...

Fondue tram...what a great idea! We have a party tram in Basel, but I think it's just champagne/wine and hors d'oeuvres.
Come to think of it, we haven't had fondue yet this winter. I'm going to have to go buy us some fondue cheese and break out the old fondue pot.

CanadianSwiss said...

That's quite a special treat! I know they used to do fondue evenings on the Basel ferries. I wonder if they still do.

King da Cat said...

Nice goin' d'ere, Max. Welcome to da gang!

Sara said...

unrelated entirely to the fondue train (which sounds sooo goood)
but i am on a listserve for switzerland that just sent out a list of all kinds of groups in switzerland including this one. i remember a while back you were asking for information so i thought i would pass it on incase you hadn't seen it:


Sara said...

arg, it cut off the end of the last word in the webaddress, it ends with adoptsupportswitzerland/

GLS said...

Ummmm, I thought Max was YOUR cat Gretchen??? Why is he betraying you???

Global Librarian said...

Sara, thanks for the info! I've just joined the group.

GLS, what can I say? Max has a very strong personality and independent nature. We have tried to teach him manners, but he is one of those challenging cats that will likely never behave. Tilly, his litter mate, is much sweeter and better behaved.