09 January 2007

Prompt and Efficient

The movers arrived at 7:54 am. Six minutes ahead of schedule. All boxes were present and accounted for. Thus far I have found nothing broken, although a thorough examination has not yet occurred. Everything was unpacked and the packing materials removed by 9:47 am.

I should have everything put away and be finished by dinner time.

Except the computers. Those are GLH's responsibility...

I am also proud to say we did a pretty good job weeding through our possessions and didn't bring much that I would look at and say "What were we thinking?"

Except for one notable exception. I purged more than half the contents of my closet. Why did I forget to remove half of the hangers from the closet before the movers arrive? I now have way more hangers than I could possibly need. The plan was conceived, but not implemented.

Anyone in the Zurich area looking for some hangers? They're the nice ones from Target. They swivel and everything.

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