29 January 2007

My Very Own Granny Cart

Perhaps we can hold off on getting a car just a while longer...

Following in the brave footsteps of Mrs. TBF, I've purchased a shopping cart to assist me with the 2-3 trips per week to the grocery store.

GLH had actually suggested that I purchase one on a few occasions. We've seen them at the grocery store. However, I thought they looked a bit cheap and too old lady-ish. Not to mention that their handles didn't come nearly high enough for me.

Then on Sunday we saw a young woman walking about Zürich with a rather stylish one. It had leopard skin print and everything.

So today I went on a hunt for a better quality, more stylish one as well.

I was unable to find the animal print. Or even my favorite color, purple.

But I did find this:

The handle even adjusts to the correct height so I do not need to stoop to drag it along.

Our landlady happened by this afternoon and saw it. She said it was exactly what I needed. She even told me the Swiss German word for it. But it was quite long and had multiple syllables. I immediately forgot what it was.

So I may be an "Old Lady." But at least I am an Old Lady who can now accomplish her errands on foot.


Anonymous said...

Well, you did always say you wanted to be a bag lady.

Andreas said...


To be honest, I don't know the proper word for it in SwissGerman either, I've heard it called "Rollwägeli" (rollercart), "Rolltäsche" (rollerbag), "iikaufsrolli" (grocery roller), or "Rolli" for short.

BTW, in High German slang it's called a Fersen-Porsche (heel Porsche), guess to emphasize the granny image.

Amelie said...

here in Spain, everyone has one of them -- well, I still haven't (could not really get rid of the old lady / "Hackenporsche" (heel Porsche as well) image yet, or like my big shopping bag too much), but they are very convenient... yours looks great!

Anonymous said...

You're not an old lady - you're a European lady! Welcome to the club!

Sarah said...

OK Matthew has bag envy now! He's been eyeing those since we've been here. He has an orange fold up bag that he takes with him, but it doesn't hold much and doesn't have wheels. We had one in NJ but they have much nicer ones here!