27 January 2007

Saturday Surprise

This morning I ordered GLH to take a shower and get dressed. We had a train to catch.

"Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise."

"Are we going to Uetliberg?"

No answer.

"Are we going to Rapperswil?"

No answer.

"Where are we going?"

Seriously, does the man not understand the meaning of the word "surprise?" I refused to tell him.

Shortly thereafter we left the house and walked to the train station to catch the S8. "Zürich, Winterthur" said the sign above the track.

"Are we going to Winterthur?"

"We are first going to Zürich. Then we are going somewhere from there."

"Are we going by train, tram or bus?"


On the train he was still full of questions.

"Which way are we going after we get off the train?"

"Just follow me."

"What if you get amnesia? Shouldn't one of us know where we are going?"

"If I get amnesia, take me to the hospital."

In Zürich I stood to get off the train. GLH followed me, still peppering me with questions.

We stepped off the train, walked to the next door and got back on the train we had just exited.

"Yes, we are going to Winterthur."

After arriving in Winterthur we found a tourist booth and asked for a map and guide. We walked around the Alt Stadt for a bit and enjoyed the quaint streets and traditional Swiss feel. Then we stepped into a coffee shop to warm up and study the map and guide we had been given. We decided next to go to the Bäumli, a park on top of the largest hill in Winterthur. Advertised as the "best view of Winterthur," it lived up to its marketing. We discovered it was indeed the highest hill in the town after walking a gazillion steps up to it!

Fortunately, it was also an amazing view. Even if the overcast grey skies refused to reveal the "impressive panorama of the Glarner Alps." We walked around on top of the hill for a bit taking a few photos before heading to the restaurant that sits on top for a leisurely lunch with large picture windows showcasing the sight. (Truly just a few photos as my fingers were so cold I thought they might break off!)

After lunch we walked back down the hill and grabbed the bus again. Back in the city center we decided it was really very cold and starting to get a bit late. With the sun setting it was only going to get colder. So we hopped on the train back to Zürich.
Winterthur will be another trip when it's a bit warmer and we can enjoy it more!

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Sarah said...

I can't wait for you to surprise ME with a visit here one day! :-)