18 January 2007


On Tuesday evening GLH and I booked a hotel for this coming weekend in Milan, Italy. Yesterday I purchased tickets for the early Saturday morning train with reserved window seats. It will be a quick overnight and we'll be back Sunday evening.

GLH is insisting we take only one small backpack for the two of us. We'll see how THAT works!

My first trip to Italy. I am so excited! I cannot wait to do the Historical Walking Tour in the guide book. Although the fact that Milan is one of the fashion capitals of the World will be lost on me. I hate shopping.

Thanks loads to Jul over at This Non-American Life. She used to live there and gave me a list of tips and Must Do's.


Anonymous said...

Have a fantastic time! How lucky you are!!!

Global Librarian said...

Trust me, I know exactly how lucky I am!

We are only on a 3-yr assignment. We don't want to get to the end of it and regret not taking the time to travel to more places.

So, how long before I am considered either a Jetsetter or Euro Trash?