27 April 2009

Ich habe eine Putzfrau!

I am a relatively meticulous housekeeper and like to keep things tidy and clean. But since Global Baby's arrival, that has become increasingly difficult to do.

Before GB's arrival I generally spent about 5 hours a week cleaning the house with a thorough cleaning every season.

I just plain don't have that time any more. But I was reluctant to find a house cleaner (Putzfrau). Partially because I felt weird having someone clean up after us. Partially because I wasn't certain how to deal with the logistics of finding one. And partially because I would hate to pay someone a lot of money and have them not clean as well as I do when I have time. 

Not to mention that I dreaded not being able to speak with them as most cleaners in Switzerland have German as a second language and tend not to speak English. Two non-German speakers stumbling over the language? Bad idea.

GLH took the decision out of my hands. He knew how it upset me to not have a very clean house, especially now that GB is crawling, and announced he would arrange it all.

And he did! Or rather, his assistant did.

Frau C starts Monday morning. She's from Germany, so speaks Hoch Deutsch (more language practice for me!) And it was all arranged through an agency, so we don't have to figure out all the various employments laws, liability insurance or anything else I was dreading we would have to figure out. We just pay the agency and they deal with it all.


13 April 2009

Top 10 Tips for Traveling with a Baby

We are back. Struggling to stay awake. Doing mountains of laundry. Figuring out how to restock our empty pantry on a Swiss Holiday (grocery stores closed).

I'll post more about our trip this coming week. But I thought I would do a Top 10 Tips for Traveling with a Baby...
  1. Try to keep as close to your regular routine as possible. Too many changes, too late dinners, too much stimulation causes Baby Melt Down.
  2. Vacation with extended family. Grandparents and aunties are very useful for extra hands, running to get something or taking over when you need a nap, a pedicure or a romantic dinner for two with your spouse. (First romantic dinner for about 6 1/2 months!)
  3. If flying with another adult, one of you should get on the airplane with all the stuff and set up. The other person should stay at the gate with the baby and be the last passenger to get on. Everyone, other passengers included, will be happier that way!
  4. In addition to a change of clothes for baby, remember to bring a change of clothes for yourself when on a long flight. I highly recommend you NOT wear white. Learned this one the hard way.
  5. It is not possible to have too many short-sleeved, white onesies. Bring more than you think you could ever possibly need.
  6. Bring a large, light piece of cloth that packs easily and can be put on the floor, ground, wherever so baby can stretch out and play a bit wherever you happen to be without worrying about the germs in the hotel carpet or floor of the airplane or restaurant. Remember which side is the germy-side!
  7. When Baby is very young, consider vacationing in places you have visited before. That way you know where things are and you aren't upset when you can't get out and see as much because Baby needs a long nap (not just a quick stroller nap).
  8. If you can stretch your budget, fly Business Class for long flights. It is so worth it. Plus it's fun to see the faces of the other Business Class passengers when you sit down with a baby!
  9. Invest in a sturdy, lightweight umbrella stroller that has a recline for naps on the go. We really liked the Maclaren Quest we purchased as our travel stroller.
  10. Bring a blanket to cover the stroller for nap times. Not just to block the sun, but also to stop complete strangers from reaching in to touch the baby, thereby waking the baby from his nap!

04 April 2009


It's blurry, but you can still see our smiles!

The adoption was finalized at about 2 pm on April 2nd at the Bexar County Courthouse in San Antonio, Texas.

02 April 2009


What I forgot to pack for myself:
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Deodorant
  • Jewelry (besides watch & wedding ring which I wear every day)
  • Book (not just a specific book, but any book at all. A first for me!)
Global Baby has everything he could possibly need and then some. Didn't forget anything for him!