10 January 2007

My Turn?

I've received my first tag. Beth at Shenanigans has tagged me to reveal five useless facts about myself. So here goes...

1. While in college I majored in English Literature. It was a writing intensive program and we were required to write 4-5 papers per week, varying in length from 5 pages up to 20 pages with much longer ones at the end of each semester for each class. As a result, I write very quickly and compose sentences completely in my head. But I am much lazier at grammar and punctuation than I used to be. It saves time. So don't be too amazed at the number of long postings!

2. I also minored in Women's Studies. However, I dropped it from my resume shortly after graduation on the advice of a career counselor. With the Women's Studies on the resume I was unable to get a single interview. After I dropped it, I started getting some. Apparently employers are afraid of feminists.

(SIDE NOTE: What was I thinking? English Lit & Women's Studies? No wonder I had to go to grad school to actually get a career!)

3. I studied classical voice and opera for ten years, but haven't sung seriously in more than five years. GLH believes I have a freakish ability to remember lyrics to songs, jingles, commercials, whatever. As long as it is set to music, I generally remember it.

4. On my 7th birthday I was allowed to pick out my own gift. I selected a large, ugly stuffed dog. My mother tried to talk me out of it, but I insisted because I thought he was so ugly no one else would ever buy him. That made me sad. I named him "Ralph." I took him with me everywhere and he has been through many washing machines and received many patches and repairs. He is now in storage in Kansas City. I kinda miss him.

5. My pointer fingers on both hands are double-jointed at the knuckles closest to the tips. I can bend them backwards. This freaks out many people.

I guess I am also supposed to tag other bloggers. But I feel weird about it. So if ya want to, go for it. If not, that's o.k.

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Anonymous said...

I was a women's studies major! Like you, I took a fairly direct route to grad school.