10 January 2007


Our first garbage day has come and gone. And I have failed in Swiss Garbage 101.

I put our garbage out on the curb along with the other bags of garbage. In the morning the truck came along and took everyone else's garbage. Our garbage was left sitting there, looking a little dejected.

We received a sticker on the offending garbage explaining why they did not take the garbage. But of course, understanding very little German, I had no idea what it meant.

The landlady explained that I had used the wrong bag. I was confused about which bag to use and went the wrong way.

The garbage is now in our basement storage room, already placed in the correct bag. We'll give it another try next week.

Fingers crossed!


swissmiss said...

Well, at least you got that one out of the way up front and can cross it off your list!


Global Librarian said...

Yeah. I heard from a few others yesterday that it is a Rite of Passage for an Expat in Switzerland to have their garbage declined for pick up.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to report that I'm almost ready to put the garbage out. Thankfully I have the correct container furnished by the hauler and I can put anything I want in it. So I will not get a note!!! GLD

Global Librarian said...

Our last haul of garbage in Kansas City required some sweet talking and a "tip" to the garbage collectors. They cheerfully took everything we put out, even though we put out way more than we should have and several bulky items.

I suspect Swiss garbage collectors are a tad more difficult to bribe. And any attempt to do so may result in a visit from the police.

Damn the Swiss for paying a living wage! Where's the motivation for ill-gotten gains?

J said...

LOL! Jeweled Concrete had a similar problem when she first moved to Switzerland and then made a wonderful followup post a bit later.

I love reading the blogs of new expats. Greetings from Germany from a seasoned expat.