07 January 2007

Getting Around

We have given up using the 3-Day Zurich Passes forever. As of today I have the Canton Zurich Annual Pass, which allows for unlimited travel on any mode of public transportation in the area after 9 am Monday through Friday and anytime on weekends. Brings the price down drastically to not travel during the morning rush hour. (GLH can get his anytime pass cheaply through work and will get that tomorrow.)

In addition, we also got the Half Pass, which allows for half off any train or bus ticket in the country, as well as many tourist attractions and ski lifts.

And finally, since we were there anyway, we purchased our half price tickets for the Swiss Bloggers Meet-up in Basel next Sunday. Woo hoo!

For others who are thinking about getting either pass, don't forget your passport and make certain to stop by a Passport Photo Booth on your way there. Otherwise you may end up frustrated and standing in line multiple times...


Expat Traveler said...

I love the photo booths in switz... Congrats on being a commuter! I love the swiss system of transportation.

Sara said...

wooo hooo, im glad you guys are coming to the meetup!!

and the half pass is the best thing ever!