26 December 2007

10 Best of 2007

Here are our favorite cities visited in 2007...

10. Copenhagen, Denmark: A sparkling jewel surrounded by nature, this one time capital of Scandinavian is worth a closer look. And don't miss going to the nearby Viking Museum and royal palaces!

9. Oslo, Norway: Our favorite sight was the open air museum, but this city has far more to offer. I also loved being reminded of things from my home, the Norway of the Western Hemisphere (Minnesota).

8. Stockholm, Sweden: A laid-back city closely connected with water and nature. Our time in Stockholm was far too short, but more than enough time to know we must come back.

7. Nuremberg, Germany: We went for the Christmas Market and are very happy we did. Reputed to be the largest Christmas Market in Germany, it is chocked full of traditional stands selling handmade ornaments, toys and Bavarian specialties of all kinds. If you can only go to one Christmas Market, go to this one!

6. Munich, Germany: We went for Oktoberfest and then returned for the Christmas Market. And it doesn't hurt that it is now a great place for me to practice German!

5. Venice, Italy: Few cities can live up to the charm and friendliness of Venice. Give up trying to navigate your way to a specific location - even the locals sometimes get lost in the labyrinth that is Venice. Just meander aimlessly and you will be amazed at what you find.

4. London, England: London is a modern, international city steeped in history. Although the current exchange rate makes it even more outrageously expensive than usual, it is a city that "has it all." And it doesn't hurt that occasionally we just have to go someplace where we are able to hear English spoken all around us.

3. Paris, France: There is no denying that Paris is the City of Love. And we loved to walk endlessly along its streets, holding hands and just soaking in the atmosphere. Paris is a perennial favorite destination for people all over the world. And it is no wonder.

2. St. Petersburg, Russia Although we had a very short time here and were restricted due to the type of visa, we both loved this charming city and the nearby former palaces of the czars. We have plans to go back for a longer visit and a more flexible visa.

1. Rome, Italy: No hesitation or discussion here. We both immediately said "Rome." It has it all. Fascinating history, cosmopolitan atmosphere, spectacular art and even our favorite restaurant of the past year! We will go back again and again. In our opinion, if you can only go to one place in Europe, go to Rome. You will not be sorry.

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