18 December 2007

Plan B

Usually GLH and I do not buy each other gifts. Instead, we travel somewhere together.

However, we have decided to stay home for Christmas. And since we have a Christmas tree, we need to put something underneath it, don't we?

For the last two years, GLH has been staring longingly into antique stores, gazing at mantel clocks. He has a strong preference for clocks such as the one pictured below...

I have to admit, I am not as enthused by them. But I decided for Christmas I would purchase him an antique mantel clock. Mostly so that I could get one that is not too over-the-top and rococo-esque!

So off I set, tramping up and down the streets of downtown Zürich.

I first went to an antique store that GLH has stood outside on several occasions, pointing at the various clocks on display. The store has numerous clocks available. All of them quite lovely. And the least expensive clock in the store was...35,000 CHF.

Yep. I nearly collapsed. Didn't stay there long.

But perhaps that one is just outrageously expensive? Perhaps there are better, less extravagant options out there?

So on I went. In all, I visited 4 antique stores that carry antique mantel clocks. And the cheapest, or rather, least expensive one I found was 27,000 CHF.

Yikes! Time for Plan B. GLH will be getting something other than an antique mantel clock for Christmas this year. Still determining what that will be. (Any ideas? Besides more gadgets?)

By the way, out of curiosity I did some research on the internet. Apparently if one is in the market for an antiques, one should steer clear of Zürich. I found similar mantel clocks to the ones I saw in Zürich, and by the same clockmakers, in reputable antique shops in London for 500 - 2000 British Pounds. They are also available in Paris in a similar price range.

Why in God's name is the cost 10-20 times more here in Zürich.

It's a mystery to me!

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