18 December 2007

Dealing with Government Agencies

Well, Samantha was right.

The State of Minnesota does only keep the exam records for seven years. We were mistaken in what they could provide us.

But they did still have the record of the last time I renewed my license back in 1997. My parents scanned it and sent it to me. My German tutor this morning was kind enough to call and ask if this would be acceptable. The person who makes these decisions was gone, and the others did not know if it would work or not. However, they were pretty certain that I have to provide proof that I passed the test.

This is all so ridiculous. Why would Minnesota have issued me a driver's license originally if I hadn't passed the damn test?

So I sent it off and now am just waiting to see what happens.

Worse case scenario, I cannot drive in Switzerland. But at the earliest chance I go back to Minnesota and get a new license so that I can drive everywhere else.

Meanwhile, GLH has been told he needs to come home early from work. I have to go to the store to get some things that are too heavy to carry up the hill. And he needs to drive me.

This sucks.


Marcy said...

=( I hope the paperwork's good enough! I was really worried about how ours would go since my "proof" of when I originally got my license was a paper that simply stated the date I'd applied for my leaner's permit without specifically saying if I'd gotten it. Perhaps the french swiss are more lenient... or we just got lucky.

Samantha said...

That does indeed suck. Maybe you could do what I did and ask your old insurance company to write you a letter saying you insured from X to X year? And then forge a letter from the DMV?

Global Librarian said...

Interesingly enough, we actually joked about forging a letter form the DMV. How would they know. We could just put my parents' telephone number on the "letterhead" and tell them that for the next month or so they have to answer the telephone as "State of Minnesota. May we help you?"

The Big Finn said...

I say that you should just forge the letter.
A friend from the U.S. who lived here in the early 2000s needed to provide a notarized copy of his marriage license (for whatever reason) to the Swiss authorities. He only had his original, so he gave them a copy. Needless to say, they did not accept it.
So, he just put some kind of fake stamp on it, and then he took a pin and poked a bunch of holes in it from back to front to give the appearance of an official notary seal.
They accepted it...no problem!