24 December 2007

Christmas Toy!

Our gift exchanges have continued. I've decided that it's nice to give one gift at a time. Then you have time to enjoy each gift individually before getting another. New holiday tradition?

GLH has been eyeing sports cars since we moved here. So I decided to get him a Ferrari. It's even remote controlled!

The cats are not yet certain what they think of it...


Pointless Drivel said...

New holiday tradition? Or further justification?

And I notice you've changed from "We've decided..." to "I've decided..."


Global Librarian said...

What? I'm supposed to lie and say "we?"

And it is nice to open gifts slowly and over time in order to fully appreciate each and every one of them. You know I'm right!

A Librarian said...

You know Max is going to try to eat that car...don't you?

Merry Christmas! We miss you in Kansas, referring to the royal We:)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha: those cats look really spooked!

Merry Christmas!