28 December 2007

Alright, Let's Go

Whenever we bring out the suitcases, the cats begin to act strangely. They know we are going away and they would really prefer we didn't do that.

Generally Max will park himself on the mat in front of the door. Because obviously he is so large he will prevent us from going. Unfortunately for Max, it hasn't worked yet.

This time he decided to try a different tactic. He's coming with us.

Doesn't he look comfortable?

We're off to the US! See ya in 2008.

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Marcy said...

RYC: The vast majority of baby items we have bought, and will buy before baby comes, have come from the US, most of them brought over in suitcases by family and friends, so that definitely is something we've been taking advantage of. Unfortunately, there are certain items that for bulk or safety reasons we kinda have to buy here (like the car seat). I guess I need to find stores across the border for price comparisons of certain items, though the euro-dollar exchange rate doesn't leave me very optimistic.