28 December 2007

Wer? Was? Wo? Wann?

At last we can sigh with relief. Our 2008 Offiziellem Abfallkalander has arrived.

For non-German speakers, that means "Official Garbage Calendar."

It is the booklet that gives us all of the information about what days to expect garbage collection, what days will be recycling days and when you can leave out your Christmas trees or garden clippings or even large items.

Without it we would be lost and our neighbors would look upon us with disgust when we put the wrong things out on the wrong days. (Not that it has ever happened to us, of course!)

Or, as we discovered when I misplaced our 2007 calendar for about a month, we would have to look outside to see what, if anything, is being left out at the curb in the morning and then stick our stuff out there too.

Ya gotta love the Swiss!

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Midsummer night's knitter said...

Ah-hah! This has been on my mind. In our welcome pack we were given the 2007 calendar. While I understood what it was, I was just a little uncertain about whether we werre actually allowed to put things outside. Now I can look forward to my 2008 calendar ;0)