19 December 2007

Secretly Challenged

I am so not good at keeping surprises a secret.

Earlier today I bought GLH's Christmas present. It is now hidden in the apartment, all wrapped up and ready to go. I have doubts about whether it will actually remain wrapped until Christmas Eve.

I have already given him two hints because I really, really want him to see it. Because I am certain he will totally love it!

If the present does manage to stay safely wrapped until Christmas Eve, it will be because of GLH. I must have asked him at least 20 times tonight if he wanted his present now instead of waiting. He was the one who kept saying he wanted to wait.

By the way, here are the hints:
1. It is nearly 500 years old.
2. It was intended for regular use and does still work. (But it is NOT a mantle clock.)

When I told him the hints, I was practically doing the Happy Dance.

(I admit it, I am worse than a 4 year old when it comes to presents.)

And he won't give me any hints at all about what he is getting for me. It is so unfair! If he has already purchased it, he must be hiding it at work.

Because it isn't here. I know. I would have found it.


sognatrice said...

Hah! I'm the same way. I bought some gifts for my OH yesterday morning and he's already opened one--at my request. I just can't wait until he sees them, what can I say?

I'm a little better about waiting for my presents though. I stress "a little." ;)

Pointless Drivel said...

Just to be sure...You DID remind him to get you a gift, right? I would hate to see a repeat of the anniversary fiasco.

Anonymous said...

I love giving presents too - I get very very excited (you might remember the tears of happiness for gifts I have given you a few times). But I can wait until Christmas to give them. On the flip side - I LOVE not knowing what I am getting because it is so rare that I can't guess, so it is extra special when it is something I really really wanted, but definitely never expected :) - Love me

Di said...

Now I really want to know what you got your husband!!