15 December 2007

What I've Learned from Watching First 48

GLH and I love to watch police shows. Reality, drama or comedy: it doesn't matter. We love them all.

One we regularly watch is First 48. The series follows police detectives in the first 48 hours after a murder has been committed.

Here are some tips we've learned.

If you are ever brought to a police station for questioning...
  1. Never talk to the cops.
  2. The cops don't know anything.
  3. If the cops are talking to you, they suspect you did it.
  4. If they had proof you did it, they wouldn't bother talking to you.
  5. If they say they just want to help, they are lying. They just want a confession.
  6. They only thing you should ever say to the cops is "I want a lawyer."

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