05 June 2007

Where in the World?

Clue #3

We are going somewhere...
...with a long religious history.

Once following both the Greek and Roman gods,
this island has gone back and forth between
Islam and Christianity a few times.

Alright, GLH - you get one guess!

Everyone else, please keep your guesses quiet and give GLH a chance.

Previous Clues:
...that has water sports for GLH and a fascinating history for me.
...that was once part of the Roman Empire.


Jul said...

I know! I know!

Global Librarian said...

Hmm. How could Jul have possibly figured it out after only 3 clues?

Is it because my clues are absolutely brilliant with just the right touch of riddle and wit?

Could it be because Jul is a World Traveler Extraordinaire who has been to every corner of the Earth?

Perhaps it is because she was at a Bloggy Hausfraus get together yesterday when I told people where the Mystery Trip would be?

Hmm. I am certain it is because of my own brilliance and genius at putting the clues together!

GLH said...

Are we going to Cyprus

Global Librarian said...

I'm sorry, GLH. You are incorrect.

Please play again!