26 June 2007

Moratorium on New Gadgets

There are two people living in our household.

Would someone please explain to me why we now have four computers?

Unless our cats have developed opposable thumbs and a greatly increased mental capability, I do believe that many computers might be considered excessive.

True, one of those computers is GLH's work computer which he lugs back and forth between work and home every day.

But still!

GLH's latest acquisition is a Macbook.

And how did he talk me into this? Mostly he just wore me down.

But his justification is that it is small and lightweight and therefore perfect for traveling. Plus, since he upgraded his personal computer to MS Vista, he hasn't been able to sync his iPod. Because, of course, Bill and Steve still don't like sharing sandboxes and it can take awhile for new products to become both PC and Mac compatible.

And, of course, the home media center we purchased makes you decide between playing European and USA formatted dvd's. (Sidenote: don't even get me started on how difficult it was to get a Swiss-purchased computer to default to English language. We figured convincing it to switch indefinitely between DVD formats was beyond its capabilities.) In the end we went with European format and therefore needed something that could play USA format.

After much messing around and a few choice words, GLH managed to set up this...
Yep, James Bond. On the big screen.

Fortunately, even the smallest wine refrigerator was too large to fit in our kitchen. Thank you to the powers that be for small graces. (And inadequate counter space!)

But I have implemented a 3-month moratorium on all new gadgets.

'Cause I need a break.

Perhaps I can spend that time learning how to turn on the television. It has now become so complicated that an advanced degree in electrical engineering is strongly recommended.



GLH helpfully pointed out that I miscounted the number of computers. We actually have FOUR personal computers in addition to his work computer for a grand total of FIVE computers.

Even if we were both ambidextrous, we wouldn't be able to use them all.


Jul said...

You win - we only have 4 computers (Scott's work computer doesn't come home). Suddenly that seems reasonable.

Global Librarian said...

Um, how is that winning? I want fewer computers. Not the dubious honor of having the most!

GLD said...

Girls Girls, It's not how many you have it's not who wins or has lost, but how you play with them that counts!

Pointless Drivel said...

See, I think you're looking at this all wrong. Let him by the wine rack and the new TV and the audio system for better surround sound (or hasn't that happened yet?).

Let him get the new computer solely so he can upload songs to his iPod (I still don't have one of those, and no plans to get one. I just sing along with the chorus of voices in my head).

Let him buy the satellite phone so people can reach him anywhere on Earth.

Let him pick up the iPhone, the latest in a long line of pointless and overly expensive gadgets from Apple that causes the news media to once again fawn over them and try to convince us that everything Apple does is going to revolutionize the world.

Just ask for the receipts.

And add up the total.

And present it to him the week before your birthday.

(Then find a bigger apartment.)

Global Librarian said...

Y'all are completely missing the point!

I don't want more stuff, either for me or him. Frankly, I don't particularly like stuff. Just more stuff to dust.

I'd like for us both to retire as young as humanly possible. Buying stuff gets in the way of that plan!

Anonymous said...

How is the Macbook? I just got a new laptop last year but I'm already eye up a new Mac because I am certain that this one will in fact kick it within the next year or so. Everything we've bought in Euro seems to have an exceedingly short life!

Expat Traveler said...

oh my! I have a macbook, actually its a G4. I bought it like 1 month before that thing came out..

I must admit, I love my mac because it is so small...

But 5, wow! What kind of shop are ya running. ;-)

Global Librarian said...

Beth: I'm not the person to ask. Here is GLH's Review: It's small, it's easy, it's fast. What else do you need to know.

Expat Traveler: That's what I get for marrying an IT guy. He's also handy with cars, plumbing and electrical wiring.

Un-Swiss Miss said...

You should be able to set up the DVD player to read all DVDs by changing the region code to 0, though how easy this is to do depends on the brand of the player. GLH should be able to find instructions on Google.

Global Librarian said...

Un-Swiss: that would work if we had a dvd player. But we don't! Oh no, because we cannot be happy with a simple dvd player. We started with a home media center pc. And for some reason, on a pc you must select with format of dvd's you will play. You are only allowed to change it three times during the life of the pc.

So our home media pc is set to European format and our new Mac is set to US format.

Can you tell I am not pleased about this aspect of the gadgets? Trust me when I say GLH got an earful when we found that out!

CanadianSwiss said...

Whew! Do I feel lucky. We only have 3 computers, plus of course OX's work laptop.... Not to mention the new TV, two 80GB iPods, an all in one remote (that was my fault - I complained we had too many lying around), etc.

Now I feel dizzy.

A Librarian said...

Have you learned nothing from reading my blog? The lesson to be learned from this is the often repeated and oh, so true statement that boys are weird.

Global Librarian said...

CS: Be quiet about the 80GB iPod's! We already have the 60GB iPods. GLH was eyeing Bigger and Better Ones when we bought the Macbook. I said we didn't need new ones. If he finds other people who have them, he'll have to buy them!

AL: Yes, boys are very, very weird.

My Brand New Swiss Life said...

This sounds all too familiar... Home media center pc, then add dvd player, plus stereo. We have 4 remote controls just to turn everything on. I remember getting up off the couch to turn the dial on the t.v., and having only 12 channels. One of which was PBS. Jesus.