11 June 2007

It's Your Turn

GLH guessed the correct location. Readers may now guess. So, may the comments begin!

I will post the correct answer on Wednesday.

We are going somewhere...

Clue 1:
...that has water sports for GLH and a fascinating history for me.

Clue 2:
...that was once part of the Roman Empire.

Clue 3:
...with a long religious history.

Clue 4:
...that has been a popular tourist destination, especially among the Germans and Brits, since the 1950's. But most Amercians have never heard of it.

Clue 5:
...known for its costume jewelry. Indeed, the costume jewelry is so well done it takes a professional to distinguish it from the real thing.

Clue 6:
...that geologically is part of Africa. Although the island is in Europe.

Clue 7:
...that has everything from beaches to sweeping plains to very steep mountains. It has been called the "Bread Basket" of its country.


Un-Swiss Miss said...

I'm guessing Crete because it's one of the places on my list to visit. But since I've actually heard of it, I assume lots of Americans have too. Plus, I have no idea if the bit about costume jewelry fits.

Greg said...

Majorca, because I'd never really heard of it before meeting my wife, who's visited there. And it's the only island close enough, far enough and big enough to fit the description.

monika said...


Expat Traveler said...

My guess was Malta as well...

swissmiss said...

I guessed Malta too.

christina said...

I was thinking of Malta or Cyprus, but then I thought again. I think it's one of the Canary Islands but I'm not sure which one.