09 June 2007

Analytical Deductive Calculations

Last night GLH asked me if the flight to our Secret Destination was more than 2 hours. I said it was. Then he asked if it was more than 4 hours. I said it was not. Then I refused to answer any more questions.

Here is the map he put together...

The first circle represents what would be approximately a 2-hour flight from Zürich. The second represents a 4-hour flight.

He is also putting together a spreadsheet to include additional criteria based upon previous clues.

Oh My God! I married a Geek!


Anonymous said...

LOL. That's classic.

Anonymous said...

I love my brother in law - I just knew it - the VERY first time I met him. The funny thing is - with all of these spreadsheets and maps - he still hasn't figured it out (or has he??)