11 June 2007

Don't Tell Me!

The finale of The Sopranos was on HBO last night. This was the end. There will be no more.

We recorded it with our SlingBox. But as it was on at 3:00 am Zürich time, we haven't seen it yet.

Today will be spent avoiding all US internet news sites in an effort to not find out what happened before we watch it tonight.

Later the same day...

I went to check my e-mail and Yahoo had a headline that gave away part of it.

I am now saying a string of very bad words that are not ladylike and I decline to write in my blog.

Bad Yahoo! Very, very bad!


Ms Mac said...


Pointless Drivel said...

Yeah! And it isn't like you didn't warn them not to tell you the ending. What? Can't they read the blog? Bastards!

If I were you, I'd demand my money back!

gls said...

It's a TV show - just a TV show. Besides if you didn't want to know what happened - you should have stayed off the internet - I mean really, did you honestly think it wouldn't be ALL over the internet?? Even I know what happened, and I tried desperately to avoid it. Oh yeah - I still love you.

monika said...

Did you know you made a mention in the Globe & Mail (Canada's leading national newspaper)?


Global Librarian said...

Wow! I had no idea I had made a Canadian newspaper. Although it does explain the surge in hits from Canada today.

And see, Pointless, they did read my blog and still posted it as a headline.

What can ya do?