25 June 2007

Uh Oh!

Earlier today I was at a stoplight during rush hour. I sat and watched the light turn red then green then red. On each green approximately 5-7 cars were able to get through it. Then it would turn red again for an exceptionally long time. This happened four times.

Finally I was three cars away from the light. It turned green. Yeah!

But the car in front of me wasn't paying attention and got a delayed start. As I approached the corner the light turned yellow.

I decided I was not going to sit through the red for a fifth time and gunned it. It turned red while I was halfway through the intersection.

Then I saw a flash.

It is possible the flash was for the car behind me that definitely ran a red light. But it is also possible that I may have just gotten my first ticket in Switzerland.

I guess I will find out in a month or so. If a bill with a photo of me appears, I was caught. If not, I can breath easy.

Anyone know how much running an "orange" light costs?


GLD said...

You got watch that KCMO driving you have become accustom to.

Global Librarian said...

It is easy to become complacent after a trip to Kansas City. After all, the crime rate is so high, the police don't really bother with traffic infractions. They are far more concerned with catching all the drug dealers and murderers.

The crime rate in Switzerland is so low, they really don't have anything better to do than focus on catching rogue motorists!

In the end I suppose it is a good thing.

The Europhile said...

I wonder if you will get a ticket.
my husband and i were driving a rental through germany last yr, near frankfurt. When i took over, my leadfoot immediately landed a flash and he was convinced we were nailed...so far, nothing's come in the post to paris or malta...maybe cuz it was a 'rental', don't know

The Big Finn said...

I'm guessing that running a red light in Basel would cost about CHF 40. However, I've heard that the fines in Zürich are much higher, so who knows?

Kirk said...

I had too many speeding tickets, but none for red-light running. TBF is right about the fines--they vary from canton to canton. One of my bosses in Basel told me never to get a speeding ticket in Zurich canton because it was so expensive. (Then again, Basel-Land was also more expensive than Basel-Stadt...luckily, my tickets were mostly in the latter).