24 June 2007

Photo Memories

Last week we flew to Cleveland to visit GLH's family for a few days before going on to Kansas City. GLH had business meetings. I shopped for both of us.

Here are a few of our favorite photo memories, taken with my new digital point and shoot that is tiny enough to slip in my pocket.

Dinner with Sue
Sue and I have been matched by Big Brothers, Big Sisters since January 2003. While in KC we went for a celebratory barbecue dinner. Sue has earned a 4-year scholarship to attend one of the best private high schools in Kansas City. Yeah, Sue!

Geese Crossing
The Cleveland area was full of traffic jams caused by adolescent Canadian geese and their proud mamas. The geese are not quite old enough to fly yet, so must cross the road in packs, much to the dismay of local drivers who are trying to get to wherever they are going!

Air Conditioning!
I kept the a/c in our hotel room set at a constant 65 degrees fahrenheit (18 degrees celsius), my optimal temperature. Ah, it was wonderful!

Le Boutique Target
If I could only shop at one store while in the US, I would select Target. Fortunately there are no limits on consumerism in the US and I also visited Ann, Eddie and Jill. As in Ann Taylor, Eddie Bauer and J. Jill! All of them open seven days per week.

Cereal Aisle Although I couldn't fully indulge because we stayed at a hotel, while at the grocery store I made a visit to the cereal aisle. I really miss the cereal aisle. The Coop and Migros have a pretty pathetic selection. By the way, this is just a portion of it because there is too much to fit in one picture. The cereal options cover the entire length of the aisle on both sides.

Patriotic Desserts

We could not believe the size of the "Red, White and Blue" dessert on the menu. Even by American standards, it was gargantuan. My brother-in-law and the waiter posed with it to give you an idea of the size. We easily split it between 6 people!

Gossip Mags!

And finally, I was able to get caught up on all the celebrity gossip.


Anonymous said...

Is that Billy Ray Cyrus? Does he have a teen star daughter?!

Ms Mac said...

I must say, it's the trash mags I miss the most!

Global Librarian said...

Trash magazines are good fun.

And yes, that is Billy Ray with his daughter, Miley. Miley stars in a show on the Disney Channel. Her parents give her articles about Brittany Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton to read as cautionary tales.

Marcy said...

lol! Hubby recently went on a 10 day business trip back to the states, and he brought me a HUGE stack of magazines!

I miss Target. So much. Can't to get to grace its aisles again in august...

Expat Traveler said...

wow - what a fast trip, but sounds like so much fun! I'm a slacker again, not keeping up with your blog... grr...

The Big Finn said...

It sounds like we miss the same things. I ate a massive dessert at a restaurant my first night in Chicago, I shopped at Targét, I walked in from 95˚F/85% humidity into my sister's 68˚ house, I lovingly stroked the Fritos in the grocery store aisle devoted entirely to snacks, and I came back with a bunch of Us magazines.
God Bless America!