20 October 2006

We Have an Appointment

The Official Handover of the Apartment will take place at 2 pm (Central European Time) on Wednesday, November 1st.

The previous tenants left last week and in order to hold the apartment, we needed to rent for two months when we won't actually be there. But it is all good!

We tried to order a bed to be delivered so we could stay in the apartment rather than a hotel during our November trip. But alas, we were unsuccessful. So this time we will stay in a hotel. But while there, we will be focused on getting essential items into the apartment so we can stay there in December and when we move in January.

By the way, did I mention how totally awesome our new landlady is? We found her a little intimidating during the interview process, but that was before we knew the interview is standard protocol in Zuerich. Since she said we could have the apartment, she has been fabulous.

Frau M routinely e-mails us tidbits of information about bus/train routes, good furniture stores and so on. She has been been so friendly. And after the turnover of the apartment, she is even going to help us bring things into the apartment from the storage area downstairs. (We purchased a load of stuff from the previous tenants -- i.e. wardrobes, microwave, toaster, kitchen table, etc.)

Frau M is also acquainted with the Director of the local library and may be a way for me to connect with a volunteer opportunity.

Plus, Frau M is arranging a gathering for us to meet the other tenants so we will all be acquainted.

Frau M rocks!


Beth said...

I'm not sure what kind of librarian you are, but I'm dying to visit the International Youth Library in Munich. http://www.ijb.de/entry2.html Let me know if you get there first! ;)

Global Librarian said...

I'm a public librarian who specializes in children's and young adult literature and services. I would LOVE to visit the International Youth Library.

Munich is not far from Zurich. You pick the date and I'll met ya there!

Beth said...

Oh you're on. I have obligations through March, but perhaps a Spring trip! I worked in school libraries for three years but just this very day made the switch to a law library. Goodbye fiction!

Global Librarian said...

So it will be Munich in Spring, eh? Just let me know.

By the way, congrats on your new job. However, I think we can all agree that on some occasions you may find "fiction" in a law library!

Beth said...

LOL. I'll remember that.