13 October 2006

Bad Day for Max

Yesterday was a bad day for Max. On Wednesday evening he started to get sick. By Thursday morning, it was obvious there was something very wrong and we got an appointment at the vet's office for the afternoon.

An x-ray revealed that Max had swallowed something he ought not to have, but we couldn't tell exactly what it was. A few minutes later, I left with Max for the Animal Hospital. He needed emergency surgery.

Several hours later we received a call from the animal surgeon. He told us that he had removed a large rubber cork from Max. At first we thought it was a wine cork or something, but when we arrived to pick him up we realized it was a large rubber door stop. We have no idea how he managed to swallow it. The vet said it was amazing he didn't choke on it.

The technicians brought Max completely wrapped in a large blanket. He was snarling and hissing at them. As soon as he saw us, he calmed down and started purring. The technicians said he wasn't very happy with them. I suspect his displeasure started when they put the thermometer in a place that Max did not appreciate. It escalated from there.

Max is back home and sporting a shaved front arm from the IV. After a 12-hour restriction from food and water, he and Tilly are now happily eating. (Poor Tilly also ended up with the restriction as there was no way to leave it out for her and prevent Max from eating and drinking as well.)

Max had a very, very bad day. Unfortunately, I suspect he learned nothing from his adventure and would cheerfully eat the door stop again if given a chance.

As mentioned before, he is not the smartest cat on the block. But he is probably the most stubborn and persistent one...

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Anonymous said...

I don't know. Mine is shaping up to be just as stubborn. Maybe it is just a male thing?