25 October 2006

The Longest Journey

Max and Tilly do not know it yet, but their journey to Switzerland begins tomorrow. I am driving them to my parents' home in Minnesota to stay until we move in January.

Because GLH and I will be traveling back and forth to Zuerich over the next couple of months, our cats would be left alone too much. They are very social cats and really want to be around people who will pet them and play with them and give them Greenie Treats. In addition, as Minneapolis is a much larger international hub than Kansas City, it offers better flight options. We will be able to get them to Switzerland with the least amount of flight and airport time and have a better selection of airlines.

Max and Tilly will be a bit disgruntled about the situation, especially due to my parents' cat and dog. But it is for their own good.

However, GLH and I will miss our cuddly kittens...


Gretchen said...

One of the most stressful parts of our move to Switzerland (for me) was flying our dog over. I just hated putting him in that crate knowing I wouldn't see him for 12 hours! I was a wreck the entire flight. He, on the other hand, seemed to handle it all just fine. I'm sure your cats will do just as well!

Global Librarian said...

Fortunately, the cats are coming with us in the cabin!

I feel a little sorry for the other passengers. When Max is nervous, he sometimes farts. But such is life.