16 October 2006


GLH and I are going back to Zuerich in two weeks to finalize the paperwork and get the keys to our apartment. While there we will also select furniture. We need to order the furniture 6-8 weeks in advance so that when we move in January, we do not decorate with cardboard boxes or sleep on the floor.

Because GLH will also be doing business while we are there, the Company will pay for him to fly first class. However, as my official housing trip was in August we need to pay for my flight ourselves.

Since going into bankruptcy, Delta has made it virtually impossible to use mile points or upgrade classes. And neither of us is inclined to spend $7,000 for my flight. And while we have already started to collect miles on a different airline, we do not have enough saved up quite yet.

So here is a little quiz...

What did GLH do?

A. Purchased seats for both of us in coach so that we can sit together.
B. Purchased a seat for himself in first class and a seat for me in coach.

Yep, you guessed it. The answer is B. We will be separated by a curtain that the FAA mandates cannot be crossed. He will be basking in luxury with plenty of comfort. I will be alone in coach. Actually, unfortunately, not alone as I will likely be next to the screaming baby or the lonely passenger who will not stop talking to me!



The Big Finn said...

I'm facing this situation (potentially) in a few weeks. I will be returning from Chicago where I'll be visiting family and friends, and Mrs. TBF will be returning from a business trip via Chicago. We'll be on the same flight from Chicago to London. Mrs. TBF is ticketed in BC, and I'm wait-listed. I'm 6'5", and Mrs. TBF is 5'0".
I'm not going to be a happy camper if I don't get my upgrade.

Global Librarian said...

My preference is that we sit together.

However, if GLH insists upon the current set-up, then I think it is only fair we take turns. He can get first class on the way there. And I get it on the way back.

Pointless Drivel said...

Talk about a rookie mistake!

Anonymous said...

If you buy an economy plus package from United, you get more leg room for a year and no one sitting next to you unless the plane is full. This tidbit is just in case you are booked on United. The package costs $299 but for someone flying United a lot it is worth it. Of course United Premium customers do get this feature automatically.

Expat Traveler said...

that is a good tidbit! And I fly united.... But haven't since last year really...

I think GLH needs to switch up with you, if he can do that!