06 October 2006

I See Dead People...

I was watching the Megan Mullally Show. (I don't know why. Sometimes these things just happen to Suburban Housewives, o.k.)

She had a woman on her show who was a medium and claimed to be able to see dead people. Apparently the ghosts of our dead family members stand beside us as we go through life. All of these people in the audience had mothers or fathers or grandmothers or cousins or what have you standing right behind them. The medium could see them and told them what they were saying. Apparently they were clamoring for attention, because they sure had a lot to say! Although, what they had to say didn't seem very detailed or relevant.

Oddly, many of the people in the audience found this thought very comforting.

I found it enormously disturbing. Are there ghostly rules that determine when the ghost is allowed to be there? Is there a Ghost Rules of Conduct book to which I could refer? What are the clauses? Are there loopholes? Can you ask the ghosts to leave you alone for a little while?

Don't know about you, but there are times when I most definitely do not want my dead grandmother standing over my shoulder. What I choose to do behind closed doors is nobody's business. Not even a ghost's!

After watching for a few minutes, I turned off the television and read a book. That seemed safer.

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Anonymous said...

Where is my friend? It appears that she has been taken over by pod people.