08 October 2006


For future reference, if you need to indicate an umlaut and you do not have a computer keyboard or typewriter that does so, you simply add an "e." Example: Zurich should have an umlauted "u." Therefore, you would spell it "Zuerich."

Thanks to L.C. in Muenchen for this tip!


The Big Finn said...

That's pretty much true except for Swiss words like grüezi. I don't think it's every written as "grueezi".

Chris said...

Yes, but then again, I am told that Swiss German isn't really a written language. . . I loved the moment that I realized option+u = umlaut. I went nuts for a few days before I realized that the umlaut-usage wasn't helping either my atrocious pronounciation or my pathetic German spelling.

Hey, GL, sorry for the delay but I posted some advice for cat-toting. Hope it's not too late.