27 October 2006

Prairie Drive

The road stretches out before me. There are few other cars and I settle in for my 6 hour drive home. Accompanied by Johnny Cash, I look at the scenery and free my mind to think about everything and nothing.

Some have said it is boring. It is all the same. Those who say this must be blind. Can they not see the subtleties of color? The variety of wild flowers and native grasses? The multitude of creatures who exist in the prairie?

The prairie will always feel like home. The beauty of the land calls to me. Everywhere I look, I frame photographs. I am upset that I failed to bring my camera. Fall is my favorite season and the colors are stunning. It is a missed opportunity.

Kansas View, Summer 2005 (My favorite prairie photograph.)


Pointless Drivel said...

Johnny Cash?????

Global Librarian said...

Don't knock it 'til you try it. Not only do I love Johnny Cash (I have always been a sucker for ballads), but nobody is better for a long drive though the country than one of the classic country artists.

I also had Patsy Cline along for the ride. As well as Mary Chapin Carpenter and Bonnie Raitt.

But Johnny is my favorite country!

Beth said...

I've never seen a prairie, but since I'm with you about Johnny Cash I think I'd like it! Patsy is ok, and I love Mary and Bonnie!