23 March 2007

Why the Surprise?

Today in Switzerland it snowed.

In fact, it has snowed a bit pretty much every day this week. But as it is Spring and warms up during the day, it melts pretty quickly.

The snow is not amazing to me.

What is amazing is the reaction of most everyone around me. They seem to be surprised that it is snowing in March.


After all, it is Switzerland. And while this has been an unusually warm and snowfree winter, it is still a country that is 60% mountainous. You've got to expect a bit of snow, don't ya?

I remember from growing up in Minnesota that early Spring was the time for large amounts of very wet snow. It only makes sense. The temperature tends to hover around freezing during the overnight hours for most of the month. And as it is Spring, there tends to be a fair amount of moisture in the air. Cold and moisture generally result in snow.

Switzerland is the same. I looked it up. The last several years there has been at least one large snowfall every March. But since it is early Spring, it melts quickly.

So c'mon, everyone. Go play in the snow. Have fun with it while you can. It won't last long. And predictions are that once again it will be an unusually hot summer.

Although I have to wonder - how long before people accept that the climate has changed and a heat wave during the summer is the norm, not a fluke?

Anyone know where we can buy some ceiling fans?


swissmiss said...

I think a lot of people, like me, had finally decided to accept that winter was not going to happen this year and decided to go with the flow of the warm weather rather than grumbling that there was no snow. Last week especially was like some final farewell to the winter that never was. Then, when we'd all accepted the springiness, bam we got sucker punched by snow. I'm not surprised, but I'm frankly annoyed that it's snowing now. I mean, why bother, Nature?

Global Librarian said...

Ah, that's the difference.

I grew up expecting Nature to sucker-punch us all every Spring. Likely multiple times.

I remember once in college it was a beautiful, sunshiny day in the upper 60's. All of the locals came to class carrying their winter coats, scarves and mittens. The people from elsewhere not only did not have their coats, but were wearing shorts and t-shirts.

They laughed at us until the first flakes started to fall. By the end of the school day there was over 6 inches of snow on the ground.

A Real Minnesotan always knows the weather forecast!

GL's D said...

Looking at the photo a little closer did I see a satilite dish?? Could this belong to none other than GLH of gadgit fame??

Global Librarian said...

Do NOT get me started!

We now have Super HD Satellite with the added Movie Service.

By the way, we still only watch tv for a (maximum) of 4 hours per week.

Yeah, that's worth the price we are paying!

Beth said...

I love the picture! I hope you made snow angels. Just keep the snowballs away from that dish! ;)

Expat Traveler said...

it is nice. It's been on the verge of snowing here also but instead we've had down pouring rain...

It's nice for the people who love snowboarding and skiing!

I just love hearing about it wishing I was there and not here...