08 March 2007

What Do You Have?

Airport Shuttle Driver: Let me help you with your bag.

He grabs the bag and tries to lift it. Then positions his hands better and tries again. This time he manages to swing the bag into the back of the van.

Airport Shuttle Driver: Good God! What do you have in there?

GLH: Books and bars of soap.

Airport Shuttle Driver: Huh. Wouldn't have guessed that...


If my bag had been even a single pound heavier, I would have had to pay an extra fee to check it.

Am I good or what?

Guess I'll have to buy another bag here in Minnesota. 'Cause I'm getting more stuff...


Expat Traveler said...

sounds most excellent to me! I can't wait to buy a few things down in Cali once I finally am able to go back.

A Librarian said...

You didn't bring an extra bag??? What were you thinking?

Global Librarian said...

First Trip Home Mistake. It will not happen again.

I seriously thought I wouldn't buy that much.

I was wrong...

The Big Finn said...

I usually nest a suitcase inside a bigger (empty) suitcase when I go to the U.S. That way, I have the extra luggage space in case I buy a bunch of stuff. Never any soap, though.

I'm curious...what soap is so good that you feel the need to lug it all the way back to CH?

Global Librarian said...

Irish Spring - Original Scent.

Although it's not so much the brand but the type.

We have found bars of soap to be difficult to find in Switzerland. The stores around us carry shower gel pretty much exclusively. And when we do find bars of soap, they smell "girly."

I have already made the switch to liquid soap, which is what I use.

GLH is just not ready for that adjustment.

I figure that he will make the adjustment eventually. But with all the huge adjustments we are needing to make, transporting soap to avoid that one, small adjustment a little while longer is not a big deal.

The reason it is so heavy is because I bought it at a discount, in bulk, from Costco. One package is 24 bars of soap. It will last GLH at least a year. Probably longer...