14 March 2007

But What Kind?

This evening GLH and I ate at a lovely restaurant serving traditional Swiss fare. Along with GLH's entree, he had a choice of several different kinds of potatoes. Two of the potato options were unknown to us.

Our waiter spoke some English. But we think the meaning was lost in translation.

Here is the conversation:

Me: I know that "pommes" means potatoes. But what are "Pommes Williams" and "Pommes Duchesses?"

Waiter: They are potatoes.

Me: I understand they are potatoes. But what else is in them?

Waiter: Potatoes.

Me: How are the potatoes made?

Waiter (pointing at menu): These potatoes are made one way and these are made another.

I gave up...


CanadianSwiss said...

I'm not sure about the pomme williams, but the pomme duschesses is mashed potato and squeezed in a bag with an icing bag and put in the over to bake. What the Williams (pears??) potatoe is, I'm not sure.

You must have figured both out now, right?

jessica said...

Pommes duschesses is mashed potatoes, (add eggs, butter, s/p) then put in bag, bake or deep fry. Better the latter.
Pommes Williams is like rosti, only in shape of matches. Kind of grated. You make a small galette (like crepe shaped) and roast it in a pan like rosti.