08 March 2007

Life Experience?

Expat Traveler had posted her results on her blog. I decided to see what mine said.

I actually find this slightly disturbing. I'm 36 years old and I've already experienced 96% of life? I have no new experiences to anticipate? Just "more of the same?"

According to the survey, the only thing I haven't experienced is divorce. I do not intend to ever experience that.

By the way, one major thing I have never done that most people do is have children. Yet that question is not even included in the survey. There is a whole host of other experiences also not included.

This survey is just plain wrong on several levels...

You've Experienced 96% of Life

You have an amazing amount of life experience. In fact, you've seen and done more than most people.
So congratulate yourself on what you've done so far. The future is only going to be more of the same!

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