13 March 2007

Anybody Wanna Go to Rome?

GLH has just informed me that he will be going on a one-day business trip to London. Leaving early in the morning and returning the same day. It happens to be scheduled for the very same day we are leaving for a 4-day weekend in Rome.

He has assured me there are hourly flights and he will get back in plenty of time to catch the night train to Rome.

I think it is a very, very bad idea and said I wished he would not do such a risky thing. I then informed him that if he doesn't make it back on time, I am going without him.

So, does anyone want to be on-call to join me at the Zürich Hauptbahnhof for a long weekend in Rome? Just in case GLH doesn't get back in time...

Extra points if you speak Italian and/or know your way around Rome.


Ms Mac said...

Tempting.... very tempting!


CanadianSwiss said...

Veeery tempting!

GL's D said...

The mother will.

jessica said...

Depends on when you're going :) Did you mean NOW?!!?

I lived there for a year, so if it's not NOW, I'd love too :)