26 March 2007

Open for Business

The Global Hotel of Zürich is now officially open for business. And we already have our first two bookings!

The first guests of GHZ will be my parents, who arrive in Zürich on April 4th.

They say they are coming to visit us. But I suspect they just want to get here in time to sample the abundant supply of Chocolate Easter Bunnies that have cropped up all over Switzerland!

Our second guests have booked for September, but we expect more bookings as time goes forward.

I highly recommend you book early. With our travel schedule, it can be difficult to find us at home.

Added 28 March

Since posting this I have received several e-mails requesting reservations at our Bed & Breakfast. It appears my sense of humor doesn't translate well.

We accept "reservations" only from people we already know. Specifically our family and friends. And we generally do not charge. Unless you consider a request to bring things we cannot find here as "payment." (Mom and Dad, don't forget - All Natural Peanut Butter from Costco!)

The cost of living is high in Zürich. But thus far we are still able to make ends meet without taking in boarders.


Expat Traveler said...

Can we book too?? My only problem is that I can't leave Canada right now so I wouldn't know when we'd be coming... ;-)

gls said...

Ummmmmm who else has already booked??????

Global Librarian said...

Current reservations include Mom & Dad next week and a friend of GLH's in September.

GL's D said...

Picked up the Peanut Butter from Cosco last week two plastic jars packaged together. It's the most expensive Peanut Butter I've ever purchased. $83.00 for the two of them. GLH needs to get another promotion and big big raise if your going to continue to eat this stuff.

Global Librarian said...

Dad, stop including all the other stuff you purchased as well!

Beth said...

LOL - I love the additional note. That cracks me up!

Expat Traveler said...

Yes the additional note does crack me up... I think blogs get great search engine rankings instantly.. still laughing...