18 March 2007

What a Beautiful Life!

Is there anything better than heated floors and a sunny spot near a window on a bright, beautiful day?

Max and Tilly don't think so!


Impossible Jane said...

Such freeloaders. Put them to work. We've thought of attaching little brooms to our cats tails so that they can earn their keep. But I have to admit, today I did exactly what your dear kitties are doing.

GL's D said...

It would appear to me that your not feeding them. Their getting skinny. And no you can't bring them back to fatten.

Global Librarian said...

Did you get a telephone call from Max? He's pretty sure we are starving him to death.

Even though there is usually still a bit of food in the dish when it's time for the next feeding!

But it's not good enough. It has to be "fresh."

Expat Traveler said...

That is beyond cute! Pics like that make me want to get a cat. By the way, I so miss hardwood floors too!

We hope our next place will have them!