20 March 2007

Surprisingly Charming: Zug

On Sunday afternoon GLH and I decided to go for a walk.

For a change in scenery we drove twenty minutes south to Zug, a small city on the shores of Zuger See. We thought a walk along the lakeshore would be "just the thing."

Best known as a tax shelter for the über-wealthy (approximately 2000 millionaires from around the world call the Canton of Zug home), we soon discovered that the city has something to offer to those of more modest means as well.

We quickly decided that perhaps a walk around the lake would be cold, windy and wet. Anybody within 15-20 feet of the shore got sopping wet. Best left to a milder day.

Even the swans looked uncertain about getting too close!

So we turned our backs to the lake and headed for the gate to the Old City.

Within the remnants of the Old City Wall lies an amazingly well preserved Medieval town. I almost expected an actor in a tunic and tights to come walking along...

And I really wanted to see inside this triangular house just outside of where the wall originally stood!

But the highlight of the afternoon was the Zug Museum. Located in an old castle tower, the museum was very well done. It had a great overview of the history of the area (in German, French, Italian and English!) as well as interesting displays and interpretative signs.

So the next time you have an afternoon to spare, head down to Zug. It's a quick train ride from Zürich Hauptbahnhof.

We know that we'll go back!


swissmiss said...

I can't think of the name right now but there is a wonderful restaurant famous for its wine list right on the Zugersee; great in the summer. And when you go back you have to try the famous Zugerkirsch - a sweet cherry cordial - at least once. This isn't the high octaine clear spirit Kirsch that you often have with/in fondue. The Zugerkirsch is thick and red and sweet and quite special.

Expat Traveler said...

I love the area of Zug! Oh you will also have to take a hike in a nearby area (Baar) to the water/river and then to the dolomite caves.

zug has such great architecture for sure. I used to train all the way there from Montreux. It was 4 hrs and I did it every weekend!