15 July 2008

Too Much?

I spent part of the day reorganizing our books now that we have a new set of shelves to handle our expanding collections.

One of our largest collections is, not surprisingly, travel books. It is growing by leaps and bounds and actually starting to become perhaps even a bit excessive. Yet I don't want to get rid of them in case we travel back there, or someone we know needs to borrow it.

It crossed my mind that perhaps I should put the travel books in Dewey Decimal Classification order.

Is that going too far?

Any other librarians out there cataloging their collections?

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Ann said...

i'm not a librarian, but i have considered organizing books via the dewey decimal system. It just makes sense, and I really need some sort of organization.

The way I have it organized now are books I don't look at too often on the tops and bottom shelves. More frequently used books in the middle sorted by theme. Then I have cookbooks in the dining room, any type of art or craft book in my craft room and my husbands computer books in his computer room.

I keep my travel books and various english-other languages together on a shelf on my computer desk.

And in the middle of the room with all my books, is a VERY LARGE stack strewn across the floor. I need another bookshelf.