12 July 2008

Return to Ikea

We had hoped that our trips to Ikea were behind us.

But then we decided to adopt a baby. And even though babies are small, they do seem to need a fair number of accoutrements. And we want everything ready to go before baby arrives just in case we find ourselves a bit busy afterwards.

So today we returned to Ikea once again. Not too bad though as we only needed an addition closet and a bookshelf. We already had crib and other sundry items. Just needed a bit more storage. Partially so we can put the vacuum cleaner and so on in a closet so crawling babies do not pull them over on themselves.

Hopefully GLH will not exasperate his Ikea-Elbow Injury* while assembling the furniture. 

Fortunately, our upstairs neighbor was home when we got back from Ikea. In exchange for a couple of margarita's, he helped GLH lug the closet upstairs. Partical board is extremely heavy and I have never had much upper-body strength.

*Similar to Tennis Elbow, Ikea Elbow is a repetitive injury caused by screwing together many pieces of inexpensive furniture. Ikea is the preferred furniture store of college students and expats.


Pointless Drivel said...

With the combination of Mr. Gadget and Ms. Convenience, I can't believe I had to do this, but here goes...


Zurich Mama Geek said...

Thank goodness for that upstairs neighbor! Another good reason to always have tequila in the house. Also to fortify yourself after facing the Saturday Ikea crowds. We've never seen it for ourselves (at least here) but hear it's a lot of people.

Global Librarian said...

Yes, we do have a powered screwdriver. But we when we first moved here and bought the furniture we had no idea exactly how much work would be involved. As we bought things on a Saturday put stuff together on a Sunday, we could not run out and get one. Hence the original injury. Which is exasperated by anything that is a similar movement to furniture assembly, even with a powered screwdriver.

And yes, Ikea on a Saturday is every bit as horrific as you have heard. But GLH's work schedule doesn't usually allow for anything else. For smaller stuff I can go on my own. But there is no way I could manage the closets on my own. They were hard enough to lift with two of us doing it!

Anonymous said...

i think you mean exacerbate.