02 July 2008

Stink Fest

Today GLH came home from work and saw me just sitting again, portable air conditioner on one side, fan on high on the other.

GLH: "Have you left the house today?"

GL: "Is it still hot out there?"

GLH: "Yes."

GL: "Then I think you have the answer."

He somehow talked me into going in the air conditioned car to Sihl City, the local mall, because he was pretty sure it had air conditioning and he didn't think it was healthy for me to not leave the house for four straight days.

And yes, Sihl City does have air conditioning. Although they could have turned it up a little. It was still too warm.

But the temperature was alright.

It was the people who weren't.

OH MY GOD! You have never in your life smelled the smells I was exposed to today. Disgusting! I wanted to bring along a basket of deodorant samples and give them out to pretty much everyone I came too close to. (Too close = 10 feet)

And by the way, why is it that people feel that just because it is hot, they can walk around in skimpy, essentially see through clothing? Some people should NOT walk around the world that way. I really do not want to see what they have to offer.

Not going out again until it cools down. Hopefully enough to take the stink away and make people put some clothes on!

I keep hearing rumors about rain and cold tomorrow. Fingers crossed. I'll keep y'all posted.


A Librarian said...

Greetings oh cranky one:D

Global Librarian said...

Oh, you have NO IDEA!

I am so cranky that this afternoon I actually flipped off a German woman who I felt was driving too aggressively.

I wasn't even the one driving.

GLH was extremely surprised. That is not characteristic of me. Hot weather turns me into a whole different person. I hate pretty much everyone.

Ann said...

I just found your blog over the weekend. It reminds me of a warm summer when I lived in Germany. I was at a C&A and looking through the sock bin and I noticed the worst smell ever. I tried to get away, but soon realized that was impossible. Cool weather can't come too soon in some places.

Deodorant samples... maybe a new business idea?

The Big Finn said...

I have written (and talked) about the stank of the locals for years. Save your energy: there's no hope for change. I give up!

Sarah said...

I so feel you (not literally - it's too hot for human contact). I also don't deal well with hot weather and since moving to Germany, I cope even less. I think because I expected it not to be so bad. After four years, though, I think I'm finally getting used to the summer-stank. It's all about breathing through your mouth for the next couple of months. Looking like a Neanderthal is worth not having to choke on the funk.

Jul said...

But at least by keeping the AC low they're saving you from certain illness!!!

Nope, you know what, even if that were true, I'd much prefer over-airconditioning and a stuffed-up nose (no smelling!) to the scenario where I'm 'healthily' dying from the heat and odor.

christina said...

Wow, the Swiss are stinky and fashion-challenged too? I thought it was a German thing. I think a lot of people do actually wash, it's just that they think it's OK to wear the same sweaty shirt three days running in this kind of weather and that can get pretty wiffy.

Way too hot and humid here as well - Right now it's almost 29°C and is supposed to go up to 31° later in preparation for a wicked thunderstorm tonight which I am looking forward to.

beth said...

I'm so sorry, I laughed so hard I cried. Distant memories of buses in Singapore came flooding back...

swissmiss said...

I am actually Swiss and came upon your blog because I am looking for Swiss people living in Kansas. Anyhow, I don't believe Swiss people like to stink in hot weather. It's more that we don't have the air conditioning and therefore just remove as much clothing as we can, when it is really hot. When I go to the US, it is the other way around for me, I always think it is way too cold in the buildings and that I rather want to know what weather it is outside than freeze my butt off! But I guess it all comes down to how you grew up and what you are used to. I do agree that some people should shower more often and change their clothing more frequently in such warm and humid weather we had in the past days. :-)