13 July 2008


Since we've moved I've been holding on to some shoes.

Strappy, high-heeled sandal style shoes. I have a few different styles in a few different colors.

They are definitely of the "dropped off at the door" style of shoes as opposed to "take the train" and/or "walk on cobblestone" style of shoes. I haven't worn any of them even once since moving to Switzerland.

Now I know that many women here continue to wear these shoes. But I am a big ole klutz. And I tend to fall for no discernible reason while wearing practical shoes on plain pavement. Watching me walk on cobblestone, even in sensible shoes, is not pretty. Me walking on cobblestone in strappy, high-heeled sandals would be the equivalent of watching a train wreck and likely end with a trip (literally!) to the emergency room.

But I have held on to them because they look so nice on my feet and make me feel pretty. Occasionally I have even put them on just to walk around the apartment and look at my feet in the mirror.

However, European living does not leave enough storage space for keeping things you are not actually using.

The shoes are going away.

Still trying to decide whether to throw them away or donate them. On the one hand, donating them would perhaps allow them to be reused and limit what goes in the garbage.

On the other hand, I have larger than normal sized feet for a woman. And I think if I saw a transvestite traipsing about in my shoes, especially if s/he were more graceful in them than I ever was, would likely make me cry.

So what do you think? What would you do with the shoes?


Sara said...

hmm what size are you? i have big feet too :)

Global Librarian said...

The shoes are US Size 12 AAA

What size are you? I could send them down to Geneva for ya! But if you ever wear them around me, please stumble a little. Just to make me feel better.

Sara said...

thanks for the offer, but im "only" a 10.5-11 (and with wider feet).

i still vote for donate :)

rswb said...

what is that in european sizing? I'm a 41 or 42 in europe...

Jennifer said...

Bring them back to Minnesota, I will take them off your hands and won't charge you a thing.

Global Librarian said...

In European sizing? It's laughably large. I know this because when I go into a shoe store in Europe and ask if they have women's shoes in a size 45, they laugh at me. (Seriously. They do!)

All of my shoes have to be special ordered, except when I go to Nordstrom's in the US. That is the only store that may actually have shoes in my size. Generally I just ask what they have in my size and they will bring out 4-5 pairs of shoes. No point in browsing.

Global Librarian said...

ANd Jennifer, bringing them back to Minnesota would require STORING them for longer and then bringing them along with the big bag of baby stuff and first going to San Antonio to get a baby.

>Just don't see that one happening and sending them to the US would cost too much money.

Not gonna happen. One way of another, the shoes are staying in Europe.

rswb said...

Size 45!! Yoicks!

The Big Finn said...