03 July 2008

I'm Free!

Right now it is 68 F (18 C) with an expected high of 72 F (22 C). Hopefully it will get no warmer, but even if it does it is unlikely to be as hot as it has been the last week or two.

Thank you to the Powers that Be!

And something else has happened that I am thankful for...

Zurich has implemented a partial ban of smoking. Just public buildings, not including bars and restaurants. But it is a start and there is a vote on September 28th that if passed would ban smoking in bars and restaurants as well.

I feel like getting on my knees and shouting "Hallelujah!"

Or doing the Pagan Dance of Joy.

Please, please, please let the smoking ban pass! With an expected adoption coming soon, I really don't want to be one of those women who glares at people who dare smoke too close to her child.

But I will if I have to.


Jul said...

Congrats on your cool spell. Today I still get 27 degrees, but looks like tomorrow might be tolerable. Fingers crossed!

Lynda said...

As the weather hovers at the 40 degree mark here now (but we have AC) I am looking forward to my trip to Europe next week for a bit of cooler weather - and no smoking is just a bonus!

Aisby said...

I would be freezing at this point if our high would be 72. It's been at least in the lower 90s every day for three weeks. But I am thankful for A.C., maybe it will cool off soon.

Zurich Mama Geek said...

Yes, it would be very very nice if they could pass the restaurant and bar smoking ban. We're crossing fingers, toes, and all other crossable parts. Maybe I'll even light a candle or two. And if she keeps acting up, I could sacrifice the 5 yo...

Anonymous said...

Hmm, maybe the people that own the bars and restaurants should get to decide that. And maybe you can decide whether or not you wish to expose yourself and your child to the smoke.
Or maybe you'd rather the government decide that for you, why not let the government decide everything else for you and move to a communist country, wouldn't that be wonderful. Hmm.

Global Librarian said...

So I see someone doesn't agree, but would prefer to hide behind the screen of anonymity. Very brave of you.

It is not the government deciding it. It is coming up for a vote, so the people are deciding it.

At this stage about 30% of the Swiss voting public are smokers. It is likely no coincidence that about 70% of the voting public support the ban (according to several polls done in the last 5 years.)

The majority group of non-smokers are expected to decide that the minority group of smokers will no longer be able to pollute everyone's lungs.