01 July 2008

High Noon in Atlanta


The State of Georgia recently passed a law expanding the ability of citizens to carry concealed weapons. Effective today, individuals with a gun permit may carry a concealed weapon in public parks, restaurants serving alcohol and on public transportation. This is on top of all the other places they were already allowed to carry concealed weapons.

Having lived in Georgia for four years, I really shouldn't be surprised. I personally knew many people who carried guns in their glove compartments and purses. Concealed weapons have always been an "unalienable right" in the State of Georgia. It's part of the culture.

But there is a part that did surprise me.

MARTA (Metro Atlanta Regional Transportation Authority) has trains and buses that go directly to the Hartfield-Jackson International Airport, the busiest airport in the world. Along with millions of other travelers, I transferred through it just this past weekend.

With public safety in mind, officials at the airport announced that the airport would be a "Gun-Free Zone."

This morning a gun rights advocacy group promptly filed a lawsuit against the airport stating they are violating state law by not allowing people to carry concealed weapons into the airport. To show they are being rational, they do state they agree guns should not be allowed past security. But anywhere up to that stage should be acceptable.

As I said. Unbelievable.

No wonder I moved away from Georgia...


The Big Finn said...

I guess Georgians plan on forming militias at Hartfield.

Unalienable rights:

concealed weapons - NO

air conditioning - YES

Twelfthknit said...


Pumpkin Pie said...

Yet, another reason I don't want to raise my kids in the States even if I do love my country. Ohio passed a law allowing guns to be carried about three years ago when it was never allowed my entire life. It makes me wonder about where our country is going.

beth said...

Wow. Just wow.

Aisby said...

I live in Georgia and this drives me crazy. Here's something even crazier...although it never passed, one of our state congressmen proposed a bill for schoolteachers to be allowed to take guns into schools.....