24 May 2007

What Are They Hiding?

The path from Innsbruck to Zürich takes you through Liechtenstein, a tiny country a bit smaller than the District of Columbia.

There really isn't any reason to go to Liechtenstein. But since we needed to pass through anyway, we were happy enough to do so. We figured that stopping for lunch would count as having "been there."

GLH and I have passed over many borders in our time. It is usually a quick "roll through" as you hold your passports up to the window and are waved through.

There was actually a line of stopped cars at the Liechtensteinian border. Every car was stopped. Some cars were waved over to the side for further questioning.

At this border crossing we were grilled. True, the officer did it with a cheeky grin. But still! What exactly are they hiding in Liechtenstein that requires stopping every car for interrogations?

Must be top secret and kept well away from prying eyes, 'cause we never saw it!

Liechtenstein is virtually indiscernible from Switzerland. It's very clean. They use Swiss currency. There are many banks.

And, of course, there is a castle. This one is not open to the public because the Royal Family still lives there. Looks as if they are having some home improvements done.

And so our weekend driving tour was nearly complete. We were both tired and happy to be headed home.

We were also a little bored of looking at highways, as evidenced by an experiment to test exactly how good a photograph taken from a car going 120 km per hour can be.

Although when the scenery is so beautiful that even a quick shot through a windshield works out, you know you are lucky to be where you are!


Impossible Jane said...

I just met a German exchange student and she was telling me that she lived in Switzerland for some time because her father had a job in Lichtenstein. It took me a minute to ask why this was so and she said that you can't work in Lichtenstein and live in Germany. Her father had to live either in Switzerland or Lichtenstein.

Un-Swiss Miss said...

Maybe they've had heightened security ever since those pesky Swiss (accidentally) invaded a few months back. Security level has been raised from green to puce... not quite yellow.