13 May 2007

Eurovision 2007

Last night we watched the finals for Eurovision 2007.

For those who do not know (likely most of the Americans who read my blog), Eurovision is an annual song contest that began in 1956. Each of the member countries sends a performance to represent their country. The performances are voted upon by the viewers, although you are not allowed to vote for your own country.

GLH had never heard of it before and sat with horror as I forced him to watch in order to "submerge him in European culture."

The performance from Serbia won the competition:

Which is a very good thing. It means we can continue living here.

While the votes were being tabulated, GLH declared that if the performance from the Ukraine won, we would have to leave Europe as quickly as possible and never return.

Fortunately, Ukraine came in second:


Mrs. TBF said...

I'm bummed that I missed it...but that would have entailed turning on the TV last night. Oh well. Glad you can stay!

Greg said...

Watching that Ukrainian act was like watching a car accident. After they were on, I had to turn off the TV. Oh the humanity!

There are times I really have to wonder about Europe...