31 May 2007

I Have a Secret!

GLH is having a Big Birthday this year. In September he turns 40.

We stopped giving each other presents. Instead, we travel someplace together. For birthdays, the birthday person gets to pick where s/he wants to go.

After my birthday trip to Ireland earlier this month, I started prodding GLH about his trip.

GLH couldn't make up his mind. I realized this was going to turn into one of those last-minute trips where nothing is planned or organized. Which can be alright. But as this is an Extra Special Birthday, the trip should be Extra Special too! And that takes some forethought.

So I came up with an idea. I suggested that I should plan a trip somewhere, but not tell him where we are going.

GLH liked the idea and I started the planning and research stage. The flights are booked. The hotel is reserved. We are ready to go.

But now there is a problem.

I am really not very good at surprises. When I find a gift for someone, I literally cannot wait to give it to them. I make certain to tell them that I purchased Their Gift that day. I show it to them all wrapped up with a bow. I offer to let them hold it. I encourage them to guess. I give them little clues. I repeatedly ask if they want me to tell them what it is. And usually I make them open it almost immediately, even if they want to wait.

I'm like a 5 year old when it comes to surprises and presents.

And I am SO EXCITED about where we are going that I am DYING to tell him! But I cannot because it is supposed to be a surprise!

So I have decided that periodically, when I feel as if the secret is going to burst out of me, I will post a clue as to the location on the blog.

But if any readers figure out where we are going, please do not put it in the comments field. That way GLH can try to figure it out on his own.

So here it is. The first clue!

We are going somewhere...
that has water sports for GLH
and a fascinating history for me.


Impossible Jane said...

I am guessing somewhere warm! Now you have me curious.

CanadianSwiss said...

Hmmm. That's making it quite tough to guess, but very well done. Still to many destinations possible ;)

Kirk said...

Oops, I skipped over the part where you asked us not to post our guesses and accidentally posted mine so I went back and deleted it (although it was a wild and uninformed guess)...

Global Librarian said...

No worries!

Once GLH figures it out, I'll let people know they can start posting their guesses.

Expat Traveler said...

lol - MY guess entails water... lol

I think I sort of have this same problem with presents and wanting P to open them right away.

GLH said...

Are we going somewhere in Africa?

Global Librarian said...


And that's your one guess for this clue.

Please play again.