21 May 2007

Schloss-ing around Germany

After the non-stop rain on Friday, we were quite happy to see blue skies, but still nice and cool weather on Friday.

We left München and headed south to Chiemsee.

We boarded a ferry bound for Herreninsel and yet another schloss (castle) built by "Crazy King Ludwig." Or rather mostly built. As with Neuschwanstein, he never actually completed it as he died under mysterious circumstances before it could be finished. Plus, he pretty much bankrupted Royal Family of Bavaria with his castle-building habit. (Which is perhaps the reason for the unsolved death of poor, old Ludwig?)

Neues Schloss (New Castle) is a replica to Château de Versailles and intended to pay homage to Louis XIV, the Sun King. Although it certainly paid homage to Ludwig's ego as the Neues Schloss has a Hall of Mirrors even longer than the one at Versailles!

And once again we were herded like cattle and not allowed to take photographs inside the castle.

But at least this time we didn't have to wait in the pouring rain and as the castle is much larger, there was plenty of room without feeling squished!

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